10PCS WT20 TIG Welding Thoriated Tungsten Electrode Rods High-Conductivity

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10PCS WT20 Tungsten Electrode

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100% brand new and high quality
Made of high-quality materials, durable
The thorium tungsten electrode has a large current load, easy arc starting, stable arc, and large arc breaking gap.
Low loss, long service life, higher recrystallization temperature and better conductivity.
Thorium tungsten electrodes are widely used for welding stainless steel/carbon steel/copper/iron/nickel and other metals. Especially when the working current is above 200A, welding aluminum is excluded.
The 2% thorium tungsten electrode (AWS classification EWTh-2) contains at least 97.30% tungsten and 1.70% to 2.20% thorium.
They are the most commonly used electrodes today and are favored for their long service life and ease of use.
Thorium improves the electron emission quality of the electrode, thereby improving arc starting and allowing higher current carrying capacity.
The electrode operates far below its melting temperature, which greatly reduces the consumption rate and eliminates arc drift, thereby improving stability.
Compared with other welding rods, it also has a lower welding pollution level.
Unlike pure tungsten, these electrodes are only suitable for special types of AC welding (thin aluminum or materials less than 0.060 inches), but they are very suitable for DC electrodes in carbon and stainless steel, nickel and titanium applications with negative or positive polarity.
During the manufacturing process, thorium is evenly dispersed throughout the electrode. This flatness allows the electrode to maintain a sharp edge-this is the ideal electrode shape for welding thin steel. However, you should be very careful when sharpening the tip of the electrode.

Product parameters:

Model: WT20
Material: Thorium Tungsten
Type: Thorium Tungsten Electrode (WT20)
Coating characteristics: Tungsten
Welding current: 15 (-500)
Color: red (as shown in the picture)
Length: 150 mm / 6 inches (approximately)
Size: 1.0*150mm, 1.6*150mm, 2.0*150mm, 2.4*150mm, 3.0*150mm, 3.2*150mm (optional)
Quantity: 10

Package list:

10 * Tungsten electrode


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